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cameo appearance

October 24, 2011

My grandma was quite the fashion maven. Most of my jewelry wardrobe comes from the treasures she cultivated over her many years of traveling around the globe. I wear the jade good luck charm she picked up in Asia almost every day. She also left me a beautiful collection of cameos. I totally got inspired after reading this trend piece from on cameos and am now digging through my jewelry box to break out the pendants she so generously left me. The cameos she amassed are very traditional, so I’m seriously considering adding this ridiculously cool lip cameo ring from Wilfredo Rosado to inject a little rocker chic into my collection.

Designer jeans that are as comfy as your PJs

October 4, 2011

Looks like jeans, feels like sweats! The new Jean Sweats from Joe's Jeans.

Denim is a staple in my wardrobe. I have enough jeans to fill an entire closet. But there are many days I’d rather just stay in my PJs. For those lazy days there’s the new Joe’s Jean Sweats, a genius way to still look chic but remain ultra-comfy. These are the perfect answer for airplane travel. I hate looking like a schlep on the airplane, but regular jeans are so uncomfortable to travel in. Unlike average sweats, these “jeans” look and fit like a real deal pair of designer denim. They even come in three fashion-forward styles: High Water, Skinny Fit and, my fave, the Skinny Flare (pictured). Joe’s Jeans founder Joe Dahan says they have the “movement capability of being worn to your most vigorous workout class.” Or in my world, I’m hoping they can help me keep up with my overactive 3-year-old!

catalog craving

May 4, 2011

When I hear the phrase ‘comfortable shoes,’ I immediately think of clunky, ortho-looking things. So when I found these cute Gentle Souls Upon a Star Gladiator sandals in the Garnet Hill catalog, I got excited. Made with a shock-absorbing rubber sole and super-soft deerskin lining, these might just be the perfect stroller-pushing, toddler-chasing sandals. My favorite is the light gold, the perfect wear-with-everything summer shade.

Something spicy for my lips

February 26, 2011

I love that little tingle I get on my lips when I eat something spicy or tangy. I found a new lip balm that does that and a whole let more. Pretty Monsters Sweet Chili & Lemongrass leaves my lips with just the right touch of glossy softness and a ticklish tingle that lingers. The formula, which is made with sweet chili infused olive oil, lemongrass, organic mango butter, sounds like something I’d order up at a Thai restaurant. I also love the tube, which is a pretty little thing made from 100% post-consumer waste and is biodegradable, too!

January 24, 2011

I want to give a shout out to a blog I just discovered, Pretty Mommy. I love the style and sensibility of this mama from the Midwest. Her cool, inspiring and beautiful blog also has a shop, where I discovered jewelry designer Laura Lombardi. Pictured is the Poule Noire Necklace, which has dalmatian jasper beads and brushed brass rings strung on a thin vintage brass chain. I would love this as an everyday piece with jeans and a blouse or over a plain white tee.

Custom made silhouette charms from Europe

January 10, 2011

Custom made silhouette charms from Wsake.

I can remember a necklace my mom used to wear, it had two silhouette charms of me and my brother. Now that I’m only a few months away from being a mom of two, I’d love to own something similar, but a little bit cooler than the plain silver sterling charms my mom had. Enter Wsake.

The creative mind behind Wsake is Anna Artmann, an up-and-coming jewelry designer based in a small southern town in Bavaria, Germany called Regensburg. ‘I studied graphic design but I have always worked a bit in my fathers workshop, too (he´s a silver smith),” says Artmann. “I have a soft spot for personalised things, so I came up with the Silhouette Charm, a very special piece of jewelery, a precious keepsake. For the first three I made, I used pictures of my two sisters and me when we were little and gave the necklaces to my mom and grandmother. I want customers to get their very own special piece, so I work closely with them to turn the portrait picture of their loved one into a silver charm. Every piece of jewelery I make is unique and I think it feels that way, too.

To have your little ones transformed into a one-of-a-kind charm, contact Anna here.

Jessica Alba shops on HSN!

January 5, 2011

Jessica Alba at LAX wearing a necklace purchased from HSN.

If you thought shopping from TV was only for bored housewives with insomnia, think again. Yummy mummy Jessica Alba snagged a chunky pendant necklace from fashion maven Stefani Greenfield’s Curations collection. Have to admit that I’m now reconsidering my stance on tele-shopping. This black faceted stone necklace, which also comes in gorgeous shades of purple, pink and brown, is priced at a nice $49.95!


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